Dirty All Stars Mixtape

Stream #DAST here:

First solo release from artist/rapper Otarel Ojin Rummy, a mixtape that consists of 13 tracks mixed and scratched by The Grandmaster DJ Ready D. On production there’s Oudskul, Ak, DJ Safecutz and OB. It features Durban’s most gifted artists, Annalyzer and AmpSirius of (DopeArtist).

The tape is a trip down traditional hip hop alley  with a mix of adventure and some new age production mixed with true hip hop lyricism and concept writing. Otarel tells the story of hip hop in its evolutionary phase, using the beat as the lay out for the blueprint.

#DAST is separated into two segments, with 1-7 being the boom bap joints and 8-13 being trap songs. The content on the boom bap is creative writing at its best, combining conscious with hard core lyricism and some motivation. Otarel expresses herself with great ease and connects the flow accurately to make a song worth bumping your head to. The trap songs are a mixture of genuine hip hop wordsmithery and the traditional trap hook and a vibe you can bounce to.

Dj Ready D connects the music with great ease. His mixing and scratching takes you back to the days of “Lyricist Lounge”, he is precise and sharp with transitions and makes the average dj feel like a child being spoon fed his next club jam.

In conclusion: The Dirty All Stars is a fluent piece of art. It has the potential to bring back the respect of the traditional hip hop mix tape, and maintain the international standard of true hip hop without compromise whilst bringing together all sorts of listeners.


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